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What's That Smell? Uh oh, It's Not from the Kitchen.

Water and sewer line replacements in Casa Grande and Flagstaff, AZ

If you have water backing up in your basement or unsavory smells coming from your backyard, you might need to have your sewer and water lines repaired or replaced. Don’t try to provide a temporary fix for the damage. Let PT Plumbing provide water and sewer line replacements at your home or business.

We replace and repair:

  • Hot and cold water supply lines
  • Broken or damaged sewer lines
  • Lines between the water meter and house

We will also replace any drywall that has been removed from a section to fix a gas or water line.

Get your pipes running smoothly again

If water runs through it...we do it! When your drains are gurgling or running slowly, call PT Plumbing immediately. We'll come out and give you an honest estimate. Schedule an appointment at 520-705-7682 (Casa Grande) or 928-606-5650 (Flagstaff) and receive a free quote today.