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Make Every Drop Count - For Your Water and Your Wallet

Water softeners and treatments in Casa Grande and Flagstaff, AZ

Is your water less than refreshing in the Casa Grande or Flagstaff area? Don’t suffer the consequences of poor water quality. When the water supply does not meet your expectations, PT Plumbing offers water treatment services to make your water taste better. Our high-quality treatment products ensure premium water from your tap.

The most common water problems

If your water is of poor quality, we offer water softeners to reduce or prevent hard water and other contaminants. In general, the most common water quality problems we encounter are:
  • Low pH levels
  • Hydrogen sulfide smells
  • Iron and manganese buildups
  • Taste, color or odor of water

Call us at 520-705-7682 (Casa Grande) or 928-606-5650 (Flagstaff) to have your water system inspected. We'll provide you with a free quote ASAP.